Performing Emergency Tooth Extractions in Texarkana, TX

Take Care of Your Dental Emergency Quickly

Sudden damage to your teeth can be incredibly painful. Waiting weeks for treatment can also put you at risk for infection. That's why Castle Family Dental provides emergency dental services in Texarkana, Texas and the surrounding area.
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No Emergency Services on Fridays.

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Walk in for emergency dental services

What counts as a dental emergency? Our most common emergency dental services include:

  • Lost fillings and crowns: Replace fillings and crowns as soon as possible to avoid pain and infection.
  • Broken teeth: You've got to treat broken teeth immediately to avoid more serious problems.
  • Loose, painful teeth: Heavily infected teeth often require emergency tooth extractions.

See why we're Texarkana, TX's preferred source for emergency tooth extractions when you stop in today.